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Returns & Exchange Policy

All of our artwork is printed on demand, saving storage, and delivery costs which we can then pass on to my customers. Because it is printed on order we're unable to accept returns. With that being said, it's our promise that you're receiving a high quality piece of artwork that you'll love, so please reach out if there's anything wrong.

Damage: If your canvas has been damaged in transit or misprinted, we will happily reprint it and reship you a new one as soon as possible (Please note, after 10 days of receiving your artwork we are unable to assist with a replacement, so please let us know ASAP!). Once we have verified that the damage happened during or before shipping we can assist in rush ordering you a replacement, in which case it usually takes about 7-10 days for a replacement.

We take every precaution to ensure that your canvas will arrive in perfect condition, but things can happen out of our control. If this happens to you, please take pictures of the damage.

To make a replacement request for damaged artwork, please send us these 4 photos:

  • Box that artwork it arrived in
  • Front of artwork
  • Back of artwork
  • Close up photo of the damaged area.

With these photos please contact us at support @ for a replacement and we'd be glad to assist you!