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About US

At The Dope Art, we strive for excellence in our art prints, customer service and building a community of ambitious individuals. Our mission is to provide a driving force for go getters, play-makers, and trend-setters who see the world's endless opportunities.

Jesse Johnson, founder of The Dope Art created it as a way to share his innovative and visually stunning entrepreneur wall art with the world, and to inspire and empower others to chase their creative dreams and turn them into successful ventures.

Entrepreneurs see the world in a distinct way, full of opportunity, and he captures that drive and determinism through abstract concepts and symbols reflecting success, wealth, love and power.

Jesse's maximalism art features exceptional, vibrant designs, and is available in canvas art and semi-gloss prints. Each piece is an original design, crafted through a clever blend of aesthetic color palettes, resulting in thought-provoking details that provide a mesmerizing effect to the viewer.

Evolving Collection of Captivating Artworks

The Dope Art has an extensive collection of captivating artworks, from maximalist to minimalist art. Our artwork is designed using mixed media, with final designs being brought to life through both digitally printed art work on canvas, semi-gloss, and phone cases. We go the extra mile to make sure the journey from beginning to end - ideation to execution - is simply perfect for each unique piece of art.