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NYC Business Lion

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NYC Business Lion - Entrepreneur Lion Decor

At first glance, the canvas art greets the eyes with a vibrant array of colors. Pops of yellow, pale blues, and specks of pink paint a nightly scene, where towering buildings and majestic skyscrapers set the stage for the King of the Jungle: the Lion.

But this isn't your typical jungle king. Clad in a tailored suit, black spectacles, and a solemn expression, this Lion embodies strength, courage, and majesty with a twist. He gazes intently, urging the hard worker within each of us to connect. An entrepreneur, a provider, and a relentless workaholic, this Lion roams the streets of New York City, driven by mighty ambitions and a burning desire to make it big.

The artwork invites viewers to find their life's purpose and embark on their journey with fearless determination. The Lion reminds us that we all have the power to rise above challenges and conquer our dreams, embodying the spirit of unwavering ambition and courage.


Elevate Your Daily Mindset
Express yourself with one of a kind wall art that connects with your visions.

Hand Crafted
100% Real Pinewood - High-Quality sturdy canvas built to last a lifetime. Created using FSC certified sustainable forests.

Premium Printing
Immaculate colors, vibrancy, and details. Each canvas is inspected to ensure the highest standards are held before shipping out.

Love it or Your Money Back
100% customer satisfaction or money back guarantee. It's imperative to us that you're happy with your purchase!

Original Art and Designs
The Dope Art is owned and operated by a small team of professionals, lead by the artist, Jesse Johnson. We're located on the west coast in Portland, OR. (USA) and are available daily for customers, working to grow and evolve the brand and our collection of unique and inspiring, Dope Art.


Small: 12 x 16 inches | Medium: 18 x 24 inches | Large: 30 x 40 inches | Massive: 40 x 60 inches

U.K/CANADA (Metric System cm conversions)

Small: 30 x 40 cm | Medium: 46 x 61 cm | Large: 76 x 102 cm | Massive: 102 x 152 cm

Gallery Depth (1.25") | Black Floating Frame (1.5")


Printed by our production partner in the USA (6 Locations), CANADA, ITALY, OR AUSTRALIA, a location that is nearest to you

Delivery Timeframe

  • US: 7-14 Business days
  • Canada: 8-14 Business Days
  • Europe: 8-14 Business Days
  • Rest of the World: 12 - 18 Business Days