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Cryptosaur Semi-gloss Print

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✓ Cryptosaurus Rex ✓ Semi-gloss Print

A Goliath of its time, the T-Rex is known as the King of the Jurassic period… While it hasn't risen from the dead (or from an amber-covered pre-historic mosquito) just yet, its monstrous skeleton reminds us of its time at the top of the food chain.

Grab yourself this dope print & ensure you take your Crypto-trader space to the moon!


- Bright, white photo paper with a satin finish
- Weight - 260g/m2
- Thickness - 10 mil
- Brightness - 93.87%
- Opacity - 96.44
- Full sharp color fidelity

- State of the art printing technology results in sharp photographic reproduction and color fidelity
- UL certified GREENGUARD GOLD ink

- 100% real wood frame with a matte black enamel finish
- Shatterproof plexiglass
- Depth of frame is 3/4"
- The border is a white border that is added to the actual printed image to create the appearance of a mat


Printed by our production partner in the USA (6 Locations), CANADA, ITALY, OR AUSTRALIA, a location that is nearest to you

Delivery Timeframe

  • US: 7-14 Business days
  • Canada: 8-14 Business Days
  • Europe: 8-14 Business Days
  • Rest of the World: 12 - 18 Business Days