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Why You Should Hang a Wall Art Set in Your Home

February 01, 2022 3 min read

For more than a thousand years, the tradition of creating and displaying art in sets has pervaded the world of art and design, their popularity standing the test of time until today – and for good reason.


While hanging individual artworks in your home can be a great choice for your interior, hanging an art set in your home or office – whether it’s a 2-piece set, a 3-piece set or a set of numerous different artworks – lends unique benefits and charms to a space.


With this in mind, here are the top 4 reasons you should consider hanging a wall art set in your home or workspace.


Wall art sets combine the best of the old and new.


Some of the earliest creations of art sets were artworks known as diptychs and triptychs – works consisting of two and three panels respectively, forming one larger artwork when seen side by side, but could usually stand alone (in terms of each panel’s subject matter – in actuality, there were usually hinges joining the two parts together).


By having two or three pieces of art from a set placed side by side, your space will pay homage to the traditions of art history, adding a breath of sophistication to the space while appealing to all art lovers – or even just people with a good eye for design.


What’s more, by juxtaposing this time-worn tradition with a thoroughly contemporary wall art set, the aesthetic intrigue you’ll add to the space will skyrocket – no one who enters the space will be able to take their eyes of your art-set adorned wall.


Wall art sets are designedto go together.


One thing that makes purchasing wall art sets super convenient is that it makes your interior art decisions for you.


When it comes to displaying your art set on the wall, you won’t have to go through the fuss of trying to find two or three pieces of art that ‘go together’ – after all, the artist has done that for you.


You probably won’t need to find any more artworks to go with the set, either, as your wall space will be full enough with the artworks you purchased as a bundle.


In this way, wall art sets create aesthetic harmony in a space, ensuring that the colors, themes and images portrayed in each painting complement the same elements in its twin, or triplet (or its entire extended family).


Wall art sets make designing the rest of your space easier.


The second way that purchasing a wall art set can make designing your interior space simpler is that it can inform the other design elements that you choose to have in your room.


For example, you can match your furniture to the dominant colors in the set, or choose little ornaments and decorations to match with the more sparsely used colors in the artworks, tying up all the aesthetic elements in your space.


Moreover, if your interior design has already been established, then wall art sets – because of the pure volume of artwork that can be involved – are easy to place as it will be clear from the outset which room they should go in (and which wall they can fit on).


Likewise, even in rooms you feel are aesthetically complete, you can use the tip mentioned previously to tie in the different parts of your room, by matching the smaller features in the space to the colors in the art set, such as sofa cushions or a reading lamp in your office.


Wall art sets often tell a story.


Since there are two, three or many times the number of artworks, often the story told by the collection is as many times as strong – or, contrasting artworks in the same set can tell two the sides of one whole story.


For example, this artwork entitled ‘Eternal Royalty’ depicts a king and a queen, respectively; the king holds a timepiece while the queen holds a rose.


Together, they show that, no matter who you are or the power or status you have, we’re united in that we should all make the most of time, not letting a day slip by and grasping every opportunity, shown by the queen presenting her rose.


The modern day diptych, when the artworks are displayed together, simultaneously symbolize that a king is made more whole, and more powerful, by the presence of his queen.



So, if you want to liven up a space with artworks, why not dedicate an empty wall to a wall art set, to elevate the room’s aesthetic and unify your interior design.