Gold Skull Semi-gloss Print

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“Two things define you.

Your patience when you have nothing, and your attitude when you have everything.”

- George Bernard Shaw

Midas Touch plays with the might of digital art to give this quote a visual representation and narrate the story of an individual who goes through life’s many ordeals – to finally achieve success.

With hands placed by the side of the head, the skeleton seems to exclaim the troubles of life it has been through – urging viewers to empathize.

However, as the frail, pale, wrinkled hands reach the head, it seems the journey of suffering and patience is over, as glory prevails - with the might of a spiked golden crown appearing at the head.

Finally: “You have everything”.

All the troubles bore fruit – and that is the moral this portrait leaves for viewers; to be patient and have faith because there surely is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Created on a standard digital print canvas, the portrait boasts a matte finish, along with being water and fade resistant. Made with UL Certified Greenguard Gold ink, its state-of-the-art printing makes the portrait a sight for sore eyes.

Design Inspiration

Print copy of my original artwork 'Midas Touch'.


Print copy of my original artwork 'Midas Touch'.


- Bright, white photo paper with a satin finish
- Weight - 260g/m2
- Thickness - 10 mil
- Brightness - 93.87%
- Opacity - 96.44
- Full sharp color fidelity

- State of the art printing technology results in sharp photographic reproduction and color fidelity
- UL certified GREENGUARD GOLD ink

- 100% real wood frame with a matte black enamel finish
- Shatterproof plexiglass
- Depth of frame is 3/4"
- The border is a white border that is added to the actual printed image to create the appearance of a mat

- Ready to hang - pre-installed hanging hardware
- Rubber bumpers - protect the wall surface and keeps print straight on the wall