The Artists Dream

April 08, 2021

In Jan. 2020 I attended a job interview for a well-paying job in real estate - the kind that would have been a lifelong career move and something way more manageable than continuing to juggle 3 jobs. I felt like it was kind of a long shot even applying, and I was excited to receive an invite to this stage of the interviews.

Well… excited up until I walked into the company building where my eyes proceeded to bulge, my stomach clenched tight, and all hopes sank to the floor. I hadn't expected to see a room filled with at least 30 people, who in my mind all looked far more experienced, and more prepared than I was.

I actually left… I walked around the block a few times, and then I just told myself, who cares if I don't get it? Being rejected is fine, but if you don't at least try I'll feel like a failure. I took a deep breath, or maybe like 5, and then I went back in with no fear this time.

Three Interviews later and the job was mine. I gave notice to my other employers and accepted that this was going to be my path in life. Time to be an adult. The artwork would have to wait or I'd just have to settle with it as a hobby. This was challenging for me to accept, but I felt like it was time to grow up and start taking the safe route a little more often…

Psych! Hello Rona and quarantine life. My job offer was rescinded 2 days after starting training out of town. Pretty sure they laid off almost everyone…

So here I am, like uh…FK. No jobs, no work available, but I have a lot of bills. What in the hell am I going to do?

If you've followed me at all, then you know what I did after that.

I haven't slept much in the last year, and I've spent most months just trying to make enough to pay my bills, and invest anything extra back into my brand… but I'm proud of how far I've been able to take this dream, and I'm so excited for the future! I'm not stopping anytime soon - I'm taking The Dope Art to the moon!

Thank you guys for your support along the way, it means the world to me!