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Eternal Royalty Matching King and Queen Art Set

June 06, 2021 1 min read

The Dope Art is delivering more than just beautiful canvas artwork as we strive to stand out amongst the best, and challenge ourselves to be different  to be better.


The 'Eternal Royalty Matching King and Queen Art Set' have become our best-sellers, and a vision for the future as Jesse Johnson continues to grow the collection of these mysterious rulers of time. 


No matter how hard you work, or how successful you end up becoming, there's one thing you can never get more of. Even with enormous wealth, and power, time won't stop ticking for anyone. Don't let a single day slip by - make every opportunity count, and remember that at the end of the day, "Time is King."


The Queen of Eternity, and the key holder to the past, present, and future. Her gift is more than meets the eye, and not so tangible as the red rose she holds tightly in her golden skeleton hands.


A king is nothing without his queen. Put them together and you have an eternally royal love affair.


Artist Jesse Johnson holding the Eternal Royalty King and Queen Canvas Set